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Hi girls, 

  In view of the fact that our 2018 Reunion is upcoming, please consider donating in order to keep the website open and functional. The cost is $19 a mo. to keep it in good condition. I figure if everyone donated $19 per year, we could keep it open easily and have funds to help others . Many of you have alreeady done this. Thankyou!! This is just a reminder to those who have not, that you can either send Jacqueline or me a personal check made out to either of us, respectively, or made out to SAHA-1963.  You can also 'donate' through the donate button below this paragraph. We've already accomplished a few good things just in one year through money and prayer. 

   Thank you.



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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 50.7%

A:   37   Joined
B:   36   Not Joined


•   Joyce Cancello (Cantone)  2/10
•   Carolann Keit (Hindy)  2/14
•   Maryanne Genovese (Chirichella)  2/19


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Silent Auction - to be available during all days of reunion, write min bid on item Bring with you. Will help pay for entertainment and gifts.

St Angela Hall Academy
Class Of 1963

Hi Everyone,

Warm birthday wishes to classmates Judi Raikowski (Burr) 1/7/18 and Arlene DoNascimento (Cheetham) 1/17/18  !


Today is March 12, the 4 year anniversary of our 50 year Reunion. Thought I would show some photos, remembrances, highlights of the get together for both those who attended and for who did not, and those who have since joined our website.


We spent 3 days and 2 nights at the Hampton Inn Oceanfront in Myrtle BeachHampton Inn & Suites Myrtle Beach/Oceanfront Hotel, SC - King Suite Living Area

Had a Wednesday night dinner at the Chestnut Inn On March 13, which, by the way, was the date Pope Francis was chosen.


Remembrances are good-- Let's have a trememdous 55 year reunion even better than the last. Projected costs to each (having it in NYC for 4 days 3 nights) is $75 reservation fee, block hotel rate ($125-$175 per nite), block dinner rate ($50-$80++). Our thinking is for it to be in Sept-Oct 2018 (Autumn in New York). Limited financial help available for a few on an individual basis (contact Barbara, or Jacqueline) Below is a survey-- PLEASE CONSIDER ANSWERING IT--





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1)   Are you planning to attend reunion barring unforseen circumstances?

2)   Are you planning to attend reunion barring unforseen circumstances?

3)   Are you planning to attend reunion barring unforseen circumstances?

4)   Are you planning to attend reunion barring unforseen circumstances?

5)   Trying to keep costs down. Shall we do A) 4 days, 3 nites; or B) 3 days, 2 nights?

6)   * Trying to keep costs down. Shall we do A) 4 days, 3 nites; or B) 3 days, 2 nights?

7)   Trying to keep costs down. Shall we do A) 4 days, 3 nites; or B) 3 days, 2 nights?

8)   * Trying to keep costs down. Shall we do A) 4 days, 3 nites; or B) 3 days, 2 nights?

9)   Brooklyn hotels are a bit cheaper, City hotels offer more in a block. Looking for comfort, bulk transportation included, hotel parking included. If anyone has a comment or knowledge of these 4 hotels please choose and comment also.

10)   COMMENT on question #3

11)   For dinner: Hudson Hotel has bookable SkyTerrace for private parties. Hotel Gregory has good private dining within 4 blocks Pointe Plaza is in family neighborhood with restaurants nearby Lexington Hotel is on Manhattan East side w/ adequent dining all over. We need a place for dinner where we can make announcements, have music, take pictures. Please comment .


Claudia --

I'm posting your answer on the home page in the event others may have the same question. If you intend to use a credit card, just press the 'donate' button on the right side of this page and it will take you to the right spot. You will also be able to choose 'donate to reunion' or 'website' The website=dues.

If you are sending by personal check, make the check out one of 3 ways- to 'SAHA-1963', 'Barbara Ecker', or 'Jacqueline Rock'. Either send it to me at 1811 Oaklawn Dr., Prescott, AZ 86305, or Jackie at 2109 West Amelia St., Orlando, Fla. 32805.

Hope this helps everyone.



  Reunion News

We have more venues than ever before to make comments about, against, concerning, questioning, answering news on the 2018 Reunion in NYC.  They are: the "What's New" page, the "Homepage", the "Message Forum", "Contact Us", the Message Center", the "Post Announcement" page, Dates & Lodging, and for Administrators (committee heads, etc.) we also have the "Reunion Planner" & "Product Manager" pages. Everyone, start thinking of ideas, a theme for the reunion, possibly something unique to do (i.e. adding to or changing the format we had at our last reunion). All comments are welcome regardless of whether or not you are planning to attend.

Some have already said. "count me in", but soon we will post a questionaire in everyone's profile. When you update your profile, a question or two will be there for you to answer. Please look for it in a week or so. The question will remain there until you have time to answer it. You will be able to contact Jacqueline or me at all times for any reason.



We're beginning a brand new season and countdown !

Today is September 1 and in 2 years we will be packing for our upcoming reunion. Lots of things, ideas, possible events, tours, dinners, lucnhes, exchange of information, e-mails, and letters written.

BUT FIRST, let's turn our attention to the newly formed East coast storms threatening many of our alumni. As a group, I ask you to pray for each oter to hbe safe and secure. Please contact each other, and do whatever it takes to keep safe. Pray that as in the past we have ben able  to help with successful prayers and finances if necessary. Pray for that silver lining to come to us soon...




Check out the new "WHAT'S NEW??" page. Just click on it.



Keeping the Website Open

Well, it seems all of you have decided for me (by your support) that I should keep the website going. This was decided after our first reunion in 2013

Thank you,those of you who have already sent $16 dollars or more. For those of you who don't know, I've asked all of you who joined to donate at least $16 per year in or around January which I keep in a SAHA PayPal account to be used for reunions. The reason for that amount (I don't use it) is that I maintain the site by paying $16 per month to Class Creator ( who helped me establish it and still helps 24/7 if anything goes wrong..  I'll keep you posted as to how many have donated and what specifically every cent is used for (either through personal e-mail or posted in the message forum). The details of who donated and how much will only be shared with Administrators on a monthly basis.




51,674  people have visited our site thus far. 

44.3% of our alumni have joined  the website.


Thank you everyone for making the Reunion a happy 
time for all of us. Thank you Judi for this photo.


Check out  "Old Brooklyn"  page & click on it on the left

side of this page!!


Hi Everyone,

Jacqueline's birthday is on June 28th. Let's all wish her a Happy Birthday!



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