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Hi Everyone,

I just saw on Facebook that Barbara Ecker passed away in December 2019. Her grandaughter created a gofundme account to pay for a marker/headstone for Barbara. Here is the note she posted on facebook, in case you haven't seen it. If the link to contribute does not appear correctly below (link length is an issue for class Creator posts  Update I deleted the link because it moves the message to the very bottom and all you see is blank space), you can go to and search for Barbara Ecker tp find the page. It would be nice if we contributed towards the headstone. We do not have any money in the class account, so we will have to make individual donations to her memorial. What do you think?



We are reaching out to everyone to ask for help in paying for a memorial for my grandmother, Barbara Ecker. For those who knew her, they knew that she was a strong and independent women. She never let anything stop her or hold her back. 

About 2 months ago she was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer. Even then, she wanted to fight until the end. After being in remission from breast cancer for over 10 years, she'd decided to fight again. Unfortunately, the tumor was inoperable and the chemo took the last of her strength. She died a couple weeks ago. Thanks to her church she's been buried at Chino Valley cemetery. Although she's been laid to rest, there's no marker or remembrance to mark her grave. 

We are asking for help in this cost. We're hoping to give her a stone that will let everyone know where and who she is. We're hoping to finally lay her to rest and give her the respect she deserves. Thank you, anyone, who helps to keep her memory alive. 

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